2016 CDBC Wrap Up Party

Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday to celebrate another successful CDBC season. 

For those that did not make it; we're sorry we missed you!

Here are links to all the videos: 

Pre-video: https://youtu.be/2DOWsg6fscc

Year-end video: https://youtu.be/q8n-2V6tAlU

25th Anniversary Slide Show: https://youtu.be/e1dqH7fpZKA

*The videos are best viewed on a desktop or an Android; some may not work on iPhone*

And the winner is...

Most Improved Paddler: There were many 1st year paddlers who could be considered for the award, Albert was the coaches' choice; for always listening and trying to take in coaches' feedback and suggestions with his thoughtful head nod and then working hard to apply that information to his dragon boat technique - the practice paid off!!  

Hardest Working Paddlers: (a.k.a our 'hammers'): Tomi and Alla; between outrigger and dragon boat practice this pair were probably on the water 6-7 times a week (sometimes going out in the OC before or after practice).  They attended more dragon boat practices than other members and they "put it in" for every practice and race - no question.     

Most Valuable Paddler: Grace; contributed to the success of the club by playing multiple roles both on and off the water.  Her attitude and enthusiasm were infectious. She helps make our little dragon boat club such a special organization!


This year's CDBC production was brought to you by...(a.k.a THANK-YOU) 

Festival Planners and Supporting Roles: Jennifer, Shannon, Leslie, Karen, Laura, Tara, Charles and Grace

Paddle Camp Coordinator and Supporting Roles: Stephen, Anita, Rachel and James

Equipment managers (a.k.a schleppers and other stuff): Tomi, Grace, James and Jake

Practice Steers: James, Carol, Grace and Brent

Fitness and care team (a.k.a fun warm-ups and post-race massage): Ashley, Anna and Grace

*Special shout-out to the makers of: Advil, KT Tape and anything else people used to get through the season ;) 

Coaches: Jeremy, Kevin and Kelvin

Behind the scenes (a.k.a all the other stuff): Jennifer, Karen, Shannon and Lindsay

Year-end Video and Anniversary slide show: Tomi, Kevin and Rachel 

*Special shout-out to John Birk for capturing CDBC's growth and maturity from early days until present! 

Don't forget to thank your personal supports - spouses, family, friends etc. that might have helped make your season possible. 

Without our members, CDBC would not be the club it is today.  

To all our paddlers: for your commitment and dedication; no matter the weather; drill after drill; week after week; race after race - you keep coming back for more!  Thank-you!!!

...and that's a wrap; folks!  See you next season!