Who We Are

Founded in 1992 by Alvin Wang, the Calgary Dragon Boat Club (CDBC) started simply as a group of friends who thought "it would be fun" to enter Calgary's first ever dragon boat races.  Now, nearly 20+ years later, it still seems like a pretty good idea.

What are our goals?

We want to:

  • introduce as many like-minded people as possible to the fun of dragon boat racing,

  • provide an outlet for our "irrepressible competitive spirit" and;

  • have as much fun as possible both on and off the water!

How do we do this?

We would like to say we've got a "top secret formula" but really the easiest way to have people become addicted to the sport is to just have them come out and try it…Simply put, there's nothing quite like being out on the reservoir and paddling with a bunch of your friends on a sunny day.

While practices and the Calgary Dragon Boat Festival serve as our foundation, we always seem to find other places to visit and things to do too. San Francisco, Seattle, Lake Tahoe, Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina and Kelowna are just some of the other races that we've been to. Volleyball, soccer, hiking and ski/snowboarding trips have also been known to happen. Oh, and an occasional party or two...

So, if you'd like to try something new, join us. We're always looking for new members. While some people might call us: accountants, architects, students, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs or homemakers, we've got a few different names for each other:

Friends. Family.


Jennifer Kwong, President

Charles Truchon, Director of Public Relations 

Jeanette Tran, Social Media Ambassador

Tomi To, Chief Technology Officer

Karen Luk, Director of Treasury

Lindsay Brown, Director