What is Dragon Boating?

Dragon Boating is a team sport that traditionally consists of 22 people. The team is made up of 20 paddlers, a drummer, and a steersperson. Everybody needs to work together to help the boat get the “lift” it needs to move faster through the water to the finish line.  

How Do I join the Club? 

Please contact us at cdbc_crew@yahoo.ca if you would like to join our club.

I don't have any paddling experience. Can I still join the club?

The Calgary Dragon Boat Club (CDBC) is looking for new or experienced team members! Dragon boating is an exhilarating, physically and mentally demanding sport – if that excites you and you are up for a challenge, we want to hear from you.

What are the Fees?

The fees for the 2018 paddling season include a general membership fee of $150 (Tuesday or Thursday and Sundays) which covers the cost of practices and equipment rental.

Paddlers are also responsible for the cost of their race jersey ($50).

Additional fees are applied for any festivals you choose to race in. These fees cover your race entry fee, tent rental for the day(s) of the festival and light refreshments supplied during the festival. Please contact us directly at cdbc_crew@yahoo.ca for more information about the race fees. 

Our coaches and executive team who help manage the Club and its activities are volunteers and do not receive a salary. However, membership dues are waived as a benefit of being on the executive team if they provide more than 5 hours per week of their time to the Club. Please contact us directly at cdbc_crew@yahoo.ca for more information on the Race fees.

Where do I go for my practice?

We practice out of North Glenmore Park off the Canoe Club Docks. Our club usually meets by the grassy area beside the clubhouse before we head down to the docks.  

Where can I park?

You can park in any of the lots in North Glenmore Park. Out of courtesy to the Canoe Club, please DO NOT park in their lot. This is reserved for their own club members. Please make sure you do not park on the grass. The City of Calgary will ticket your vehicle. Please do not leave any valuables in your car.

What do i bring to practice?

Please dress appropriately for the weather. The weather in Calgary can change in an instant and is always cooler by the water. Dressing in layers will allow you to adjust accordingly. Please wear something you do not mind getting wet and consider bringing a change of clothing for after practice. Dragon boating is a water sport, you will get wet! We work hard on the boat so make sure you stay hydrated by bringing a water bottle or a sport drink. Bring your own paddle, lifejacket, paddling gloves, seat pad or water shoes if you have them. For the first few weeks of practices, the water will be extremely cold, we suggest you purchasing some paddling gloves (neoprene for those who get cold easily) from MEC.

Do I need to purchase my own paddle & life jacket?

No. Paddles & lifejackets are provided by the Calgary Dragon Boat Society. We suggest you do invest in a pair of paddling gloves. The benefit of owning a paddle is that it is custom cut to your required length and you do not have to scramble to find that perfect paddle during a race. If you are going to invest in your own paddle, make sure it is IDBF PS202a standard. This will be labeled on the shaft of the paddle. The benefit of owning your own paddling jacket is that you’ll find one that fits your body and does not restrict your body movements as much while paddling. An added benefit is that you don’t have to paddle in somebody else’s stink ;o) If you are planning on purchasing a lifejacket, make sure it is approved by the Canadian Coast Guard or Department of Transport.

I'm scheduled for a practice, but cannot attend. Who do I contact?

Be mindful that your team requires a minimum number of 14 paddlers to be able to practice. This is a City of Calgary Bylaw. If you cannot make practice, please contact the Club’s practice email account at least 48 hours before your scheduled practice. The Club’s practice email account is cdbc_practice@yahoo.ca

I'm scheduled for a practice, but it looks like it's going to rain. Is practice still on?

Late afternoon thunderstorms are very common in Calgary but they tend to pass very quickly. ALWAYS assume practice is still on until further notice. Do not call and/or email the Club to ask whether practice is still on, the answer will always be "just show up". We have your safety in mind and will not take unnecessary risks regarding the weather. In 10+ years, we have only cancelled maybe 5 practices in total. Dress appropriately and you will be fine.

I'm not scheduled for a practice, is there reserved list if someone cancels?

If you want to get some extra paddling in and you’re not busy during a practice, don’t hesitate to email the club practice account at cdbc_practice@yahoo.ca and let us know that you’re available to come out last minute.We’d be more than happy to schedule you in if there is room.