2009 Most Improved & Most Valuable Paddler

Every year the coaching staff picks the most improved paddler (MIP) and the most valuable paddler (MVP) from the team. These awards are meant represent an individual's outstanding achievement throughout the season. In 2009, we introduced a nomination structure to the selection process. Here are the results:

Most Improved Paddler (MIP)


1. Kevin Ruddell

2. Yunjin Liu

3. James Voo

Winner: James Voo

Most Valuable Paddler (MVP)


1. Dustin Wilkes

2. Stephen Fournier

3. James Voo

Winner: Dustin Wilkes

The Hammer award (New) - Awarded to the hardest working individual for the season, Stephen Fournier.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners this year. It was a great season because we had so many great individuals such as the ones mentioned above making up the team.


The Yahoo Coaching Staff