Why Dragonboat?

For us, dragonboating is much more than just a sport, it's a second family and lifestyle.  See our latest club video to find out what we are all about!

Welcome to Calgary Dragon Boat Club - CREW YAHOO Website

We are a team of passionate paddlers, and our club has been in existence for over 20 years. Though our team has fluctuated in its membership base over the years, the core of our crew has consisted of two or more Teams - CREW YAHOO, YAHOO EVOLUTION, and YAHOO ANGELS.

Members of all crews are expected to participate in fundraising events to help support the Club's training program and to help reduce the cost of out of town festivals. Crewmembers of each team are selected at the sole discretion of the coaches.

Below are the team descriptions and expectations for each team


This crew consists of our competitive paddlers.  The focus will be on maximizing competitive performance throughout the season.  Practice commitments are a minimum of twice (2) weekly and participation in at least one out of town festival and participation in the Calgary Dragon Boat Festival.

Practices are held on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings.


"EVO" has consistently shown the CDBC what they are made of, shocking the Club with their A Division showing in 2011 and now the coaches and executives have shown their respect and re-classified this team from recreational to semi-competitive.

This crew consists of our new paddlers and our semi-competitive paddlers.  They will focus on developing paddler’s skills and this crew is designed for those with time restrictions. Practice commitments are a minimum of once (1) weekly and participation in at least one festival, mainly, the Calgary Dragon Boat Festival. Members of this crew are encouraged to participate in the Lethbridge Festival to gear up for the Calgary Festival.

Practices are held on Tuesday evenings.


This crew will consist of female paddlers who are looking for a competitive outlet with an all female team. Depending on participation levels, it may be possible for female paddlers from a mixed crew to be a part of YAHOO ANGELS.

Practices will be with the mixed crews generally on Tuesday evenings